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Over 10 years working with a team of managers and engineers over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. We have the ability to meet all the requirements of customers.

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Concord Textile Corporation Vietnam was established in 2010 with 100% investment from Malaysia. Specializing in the production of Polyester and Nylon Mono yarn. With a closed system of machines and chains imported from Germany. Technical team with high professional training and experience from abroad. We provide the textile market with the best products, meeting the quality requirements of our customers and environmental standards in the world.

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Capacity of Concord Textile Corporation Vietnam

Main products are polyester POY-FDY yarn, Nylon Mono filament yarn, PET Chip, with a total capacity of more than 350 tons per day

  • 01 POY-FDY plant

    Capacity more than 300 tons per day, producing POY-FDY yarn with filament from 24 to 300, Denior from 50 to 500. The closed production line is imported from Germany, the modern quality control machinery system, the best output quality control.

  • Capacity more than 120 tons per month, producing Nylon Mono yarn with Denior from 20 to 50.

  • Capacity more then 50 tons per day for PET Chip, supply direct more than 200 tons Polymer to produce POY yarn. Quality is controled by computer system and technical team have experience.


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We step by step improve the professional delivery system to fully meet the needs of customers .

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Here are the terms in the textile industry that you should know, maybe it is not full of meaning but can also tell you what these words are.


It is also known as Polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn. This is the first form of yarn created directly by spinning polyester.


Polyester FDY is short for Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn. It is also known as Polyester Filament (PFY) or Spin Draw Yarn (SDY). FDY is mainly used as weft or weave in fabric production.


Nylon, also known as polyamide, is made from chemicals in the carbon reaction of coal and crude oil under high pressure and heated at high temperatures.

PET Chip

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic, belongs to the Polyester resin type and is used in the synthesis of fiber, beverage, food, and liquids, can be pressed.

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